The Asphalt Maintenance Tips You Need Now

by on Jan.04, 2014, under Home Improvement

The maintenance of an asphalt parking lot is essential for a variety of reasons. A nice parking lot increases property value, it promotes a good image of your company, it prevents car damage, and it keeps people safe. How, then, can you keep your parking lot looking amazing year after year? These tips can help.

Tip Number 1: Do a regular inspection on your parking lot. Taking a closer look on a fairly regular basis is important because your parking area is a huge investment and you really need it to be durable on top of looking nice. Sand, gravel and debris that collect on the surface will decrease the curb appeal as well as quickly deteriorate the surface. The safety of the people who use the parking lot is also important. Checking for debris, cracks and potholes is important for those who are walking on and driving on the surface.

Tip Number 2: As you notice cracks on the surface, you want to make sure you fill them in as soon as possible. A small crack may seem insignificant at first and is, therefore, easy to overlook. However, that small crack can turn into a major issue in a very short amount of time. Weeds will crop up in the cracks, which makes them wider. What’s more, though, is that water will work its way down to the sub-base, which will cause caving at the surface level, thus creating a pothole. Areas like these can cause major damage to vehicles, but more than that, potholes can also cause injuries to people walking through the parking lot. Therefore, filling cracks before they become potholes can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Tip Number 3: If you find only hairline cracks in the driveway, you can treat it with a sealer. The size of the crack will determine what you need to use on it. If the cracks are half an inch or wider, you’ll want to use asphalt cold-patch. It’s sold in both bags and in cans. Cracks that are smaller than a half inch in width can be filled with crack-filler. Crack-filler can be found in cans, plastic pour bottles and caulking cartridges.

You know you want your parking lot to look amazing year after year, and it can with a little help. Do a regular inspection, fill cracks as soon as possible, and treat hairline cracks with sealers. To learn more about asphalt maintenance, check out Bennett Paving’s website.

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