Roof Repair: DIY or Hire a Professional?

by on Dec.28, 2012, under Home Improvement

Roof repair can often be the ultimate DIY project. Whether you’re talking about patching up a leak or taking out an unnecessary vent, the idea of fixing your roof on your own may seem like a fairly straightforward one. After all, the tools necessary for the job are widely available at every hardware store in the country, right? Shouldn’t you just tackle the task on your own? It’s essential that you carefully weigh your options before you make any serious decisions.

Before you make any decisions, you need to carefully evaluate your own abilities. If your roof is fairly steep or pitched at an odd angle, handling your own roof repairs may not be the wisest choice you’ve ever made. The higher and more pitched your roof is, the better chance you have of falling while you’re up there, and that could mean time away from work not to mention a more serious personal injury. Roofers, though, are trained to handle this situation every day.

In addition to evaluating the roof itself, you need to consider your own abilities. if you’re not mechanically inclined or you don’t often engage in DIY projects, it’s important to note that your home roof isn’t the training ground you’re looking for. It’s dangerous, and there are many different things that can go wrong in that environment.

From there, it’s time to take a close look at your knowledge base. DIY videos and articles always make roof repair look simple, but if you don’t even understand how your roof keeps water from seeping into your home, the last place you really want to be learning that information is on the top of your roof on a hot summer day.

Still think you’re ready to undertake your own roof repair? It’s time to consider what the repair might entail. If you’re going to be fixing a leak in the roof, keep in mind that leaks are tough to trace. If you can’t find an immediate source to the problem, it’s probably best left to a professional. Additionally, if you think the source of the problem might not be the only one you see, you may want to contact a professional to tackle it as well. Your roof could be leaking because the rain managed to work its way under the singles at one point in the flashing or because it dug its way in near the chimney. Remember that it’s pretty rare to find a roof leak right over the damage you can see, and only a professional can figure things out and offer you a guarantee. You could fix that same leak twelve times and never hit the exact spot.

One other thing to remember is that if you’re fixing your roof after a hailstorm or other damaging event, it’s possible that your insurance will pay for the repair itself from one of the many roofing companies in your area, and that could save you a lot of time and hassle.

Handling a roof repair on your own is certainly possible, but it could also be dangerous. Moreover, it may also be completely ineffective, so in most cases, this is one job you’ll want to leave to the professionals from Cypress, Texas, roofing companies.

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