Is Your Roof Green?

by on Dec.02, 2012, under Home Improvement

Are you embracing the ‘green’ revolution? If so, a new roof for you house may present a lot of questions. The traditional asphalt shingle is probably not the best bet if you are looking for an eco-friendly roofing material. Though advancements have been made in this type of roof covering in recent years to make it less problematic to dispose of in an acceptable manner (some can even be recycled), there are still major issues with shingles. More than 75% of Americans have shingles on their roofs, which is understandable. Much of this can be attributed to the lower cost of using the asphalt covering, but they are made with petroleum products (non-renewable resources), they release pollutants as water runs over them, which seeps into the ground, and they pile high in landfills after being removed.

For those who are environmentally minded, there are better options, which can provide a beautiful aesthetic while preserving one’s carbon footprint.

Topped with Trees Wood shingles are made from a renewable resource and can last as long as it takes to grow new trees, so they don’t deplete the forests. While they are more expensive initially, they are very worthwhile, as they can last for several decades. To purchase and install wood shingles means choosing the least fire retardant of the roofing materials, but they can be treated with chemicals to resolve that issue. That, of course, takes away from their eco-friendly status, though. If you aren’t feeling great about wood, then consider metal.

Metal Roofs This variety of roofing is being embraced more readily by the tree-huggers of the world. It’s highly reflective nature serves to maximize a home’s energy efficiency by reducing the amount of heat absorbed. Furthermore, this roofing materials lasts a lot longer than asphalt shingles and can be installed directly over the existing roofing, so less waste is produced. There is hardly ever a need for roof repair in Garland, TX when metal roofing is utilized. As metal roofs become more popular, the expense and energy tied to the manufacturing and transportation processes is decreasing. Furthermore, metal can be recycled.

The Way of the Cavemen Slate is a highly eco-friendly roofing material, which provides a sturdy and long lasting protection atop a house. It is highly resilient with the longest life span of all of the roofing materials available today. The downside to slate is that it tends to be very costly, but it is recyclable when it is removed and provides a wide spectrum of natural color variation. You will need to choose a well-equipped and experienced contractor when working with this material, so be sure to investigate several of the roofers in Dallas before signing a contract.

Save the Earth with the Earth Clay tiles are crafted with all natural elements and, while they may not be practical in all areas of the country, they provide a truly beautiful look to a home. They can last more than fifty years and provide an excellent insulation for the home, in addition to being the most fire retardant material on the market. There is no worry about chemicals being leached into the water running over the surface and clay tiles are easily recycled at the end of their lifespan. The best Fort Worth roofing companies can create a spectacular look and lasting resilience with clay.

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