Do My Old Windows Contain Lead?

by on Nov.01, 2012, under Home Improvement

Did you know that lead poisoning can be fatal? Did you know that it can occur even if a child is exposed to low levels of lead of a period of time? Did you know that lead was once a common place occurrence in homes throughout this country? If you weren’t aware of these things, then there is a lot about lead that you need to know and you should familiarize yourself with the topic to ensure that you aren’t endangering your family, friends, and other visitors to your home.

When Was Your Home Built? When you hire a Katy, TX, window replacement contractor, this should be one of the first questions that are asked and you should know the answer. Homes that were built before 1978 are very likely to contain some lead paint and a window contractor can unearth it as he or she removes the old frames. By law, a contractor is obligated to provide you with an informational pamphlet if your home was built prior to 1978 that explains the dangers of lead poisoning. Don’t overlook the importance!

Know the Facts! Lead paint is known as such because it contains the metallic material. It was used for many years before it was found to be a poison to occupants of the homes where it was found. This was (and still is) particularly true for children under the age of seven years. Paint has a tendency to chip over time. As it cracks and chips, young children are likely to pick at it, play with it, or even taste it. The lead can also be released into the home in the form of dust as the paint chips break down. If ingested or breathed in, it can build up in a person’s system. Lead poisoning can cause brain damage, learning disabilities, and many other health-related complications. This is even more likely in young children with prolonged exposure. The lead in the body can be detected with a blood test. All children should be tested multiple times before the age of seven. While replacement windows can be very beneficial to the health of the family, removing the old lead paint covered windows can release dust into the home that is dangerous.

Ask the Right Questions! You should know what to ask if your older home is being outfitted with new replacement windows. Cypress, TX, contractors should take the matter very seriously. They should utilize plastic sheeting to keep the dust contained to small areas as they work and should perform an intensive clean-up process at the end of each work day. Furthermore, they should be aware of the procedures most likely to put off lead dust, such as dry sanding. A good contractor will have well-trained employees aware of the dangers of working with and around lead-based paint. This is a requirement by law. Finally, a clearance exam performed by a professional not affiliated with the contractor should be performed to be sure that dust levels are acceptable.

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